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Protect your investment, your livelihood and your employees and customers with spray fireproofing services from Westcor Thermal. We are specialists in the application of spray fireproofing in Alberta and the Lower Mainland, providing lasting protection for steel beams, roof and floor assemblies, columns and joists in industrial as well as commercial environments. Some of the fireproofing products and services we offer include:

Mineral Fibre Spray
Mineral fibre spray fireproofing is made up of rock-wool fibers mixed with a cement-based binder. It provides an appropriate fire resistance rating for both interior and exterior structural components, such as wall assemblies, metal cladding, structural steel columns and beams, open web steel joists, and metal decks.

Wet Mix Plaster
Wet mix plaster, also known as cementitious fireproofing, provides protection when used in the insulation of structural components. Using a base of cement or gypsum, wet mix plaster is applied to steel and provides a fire resistance rating for both restrained and unrestrained classifications.

Medium-Density, High-Resistance Spray Fireproofing
Particularly effective when applied to damage-prone areas, medium-density, high resistance spray fireproofing products are stronger, harder and provide longer-lasting protection than other fireproofing methods. It is an effective solution for a number of specialized industrial or commercial applications, such as exposed columns and braces.

Exterior Grade Fireproofing
Designed to provide protection for structural steel that is exposed to the elements, exterior grade fireproofing products are resistant to the harmful effects caused by wind and rain, sub-zero temperatures and freezing/thawing.

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