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If you owned a pair of old pants that had a hole large enough to lose change out of them every day, you would eventually have the pants replaced or resewn. Unlike a noticeable hole in a pants pocket, it can be harder to recognize money-losing inefficiencies in a home with poor insulation — yet, you are losing money each and every day.

For those with an older home, the odds are fairly high that the home had poor insulation to begin with. In past decades, energy was cheap, and state-of-the-art insulation was usually not a major point of consideration for homebuyers. But, today’s homebuyers are looking for ways to not only reduce their costs, but also help the environment and improve their indoor comfort as well.

One of the best insulation materials on the market today is spray foam. Vancouver homeowners and businesses are turning to this unique insulator for three very specific reasons:

  • Excellent Air Seal — Unlike other types of insulation, spray foam insulation creates an air-tight seal wherever it is used in the home or business. This seal helps to prevent air leaks and drafts that can dramatically decrease your comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Unmatched Performance — Over time, batting and cellulose-based insulation can deteriorate, leaving gaps in the insulation. Year after year, spray foam insulation will maintain its shape and superior insulating properties, making it an ideal candidate for those planning a new build or renovation project.
  • Pest Protection — It’s not just humans that want to be warm and cozy in British Columbia; pests such as squirrels, mice, rats, and beetles often use loose-fill batting as nesting material. As spray foam insulation cannot be used as a food source or nesting material, pests will look elsewhere to set up residence.

Recently, the government of British Columbia has taken the initiative to set up rebates and other packages to steer homeowners and businesses toward more energy-efficient practices. Some of the energy efficiency programs that have sprung up in BC include the Energy Conservation Assistance Program and EnergGuide ratings. They are also promoting efficient building practices, such as the use of spray foam insulation.

At Westcor Thermal Spray Foam, we use sustainable, energy-efficient insulation products, such as Polarfoam™ spray foam. For help with spray foam in Vancouver, contact Westcor Thermal, today!

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