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SprayFoam in Surrey

Embracing energy efficiency and eco-conscious living becomes a reality with Sprayfoam in Surrey. Westcor Thermal is your premier destination for Surrey’s spray foam insulation solutions. Our specialty lies in installing Polarfoam™ brand spray foam, delivering the most impressive R values per square inch of any insulation available. This outstanding insulation can amplify your property’s energy efficiency by up to 50%.


Our Polarfoam stands out as a spray-applied rigid polyurethane foam insulation manufactured from recycled plastic materials and sustainable soya. It not only provides an effective air seal and vapor barrier but also boasts industry-leading R values. The added bonus is that Polarfoam™ is manufactured without any ozone-depleting substances, making it a perfect choice for both new home construction and revamping existing residential properties.


With precision, spray foam is injected into the walls, attic, or crawlspace via high-pressure spray nozzles. Upon application, it quickly expands to create a seamless insulation barrier. The real beauty of sprayed foam insulation is its ability to fill even the tiniest nooks and crannies, ensuring a durable, airtight seal that eliminates energy-wasting air filtration.


Historically, fiberglass batt insulation has been the conventional choice. Yet, as Spray Foam Surrey continues to gain popularity, more homeowners are recognizing its numerous advantages. Batt insulation is typically placed between wall studs, stapled in position, and subsequently covered with drywall. Although it offers some level of insulation, it falls short in creating a true airtight seal, allowing heat to escape. On average, homes lose enough heat daily to fill a blimp. In contrast, spray foam insulation creates a superior airtight envelope that effectively retains heat, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing costs.


In preparation for spray foam installation, there are essential steps to follow. Consider this checklist to ready your home:

  1. Ensure unrestricted access to the areas requiring Sprayfoam in Surrey insulation. This entails removing all cladding to fully expose the surface. If wall openings or cladding removal is necessary, consult accredited home renovation companies for professional assistance.
  2. To allow for proper off-gassing and adhere to safety protocols, vacate the insulated area for 24 hours after installation. Plan for alternative accommodations during this period for both safety and health reasons.
  3. Maintain a clean environment free from loose particles. Spray foam is applied at a high speed, making installation around dusty or dirty areas impractical. Ensure the area is dust and debris-free before installation to guarantee safety and top-quality results.
  4. Upon completion, it’s vital that all Spray Foam Surrey insulation is covered by an approved thermal barrier, such as drywall or an approved thermal fiber.

For Sprayfoam in Surrey, Westcor Thermal is your dependable choice. Our services extend to the broader Surrey area, ensuring meticulous and precise installations for various contractors. Contact us today for a comprehensive system to insulate your exterior envelope and optimize your property’s energy efficiency.

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